Our Staff

jimJim Heal

Owner / Pharmacist

I graduated from Pharmacy school in 1981. Prior to that I spent 3 years in the Army stationed in Germany for all 3 years. I worked for CVS for 15 years before realizing I didn’t like working for a large corporate pharmacy chain. I bounced around for a couple years working at different chains before I found a job at Grace Cottage Hospital in 1997. I started working at Messenger Valley Pharmacy part-time while paying some bills off. When the bills were paid off I gave the Hospital my notice but instead they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I was manager of Messenger Valley Pharmacy for 3 years when the Director of Pharmacy left. I was offered the job of Director of Pharmacy and spent 12 years as Director. As the story goes my wife and I went on vacation and when we came back I had no intention of leaving Grace Cottage Hospital until retirement. My wife read the story about the G Store being available and the rest is history. We are now the proud owners of the “G” Store and will be for years to come. I love being a pharmacist and really enjoy being a part of the Putney Community.

Adrian Heal

Pharmacy Intern

First employed at the “G” Store in 1996, Adrian has now returned as a Pharmacist Intern.  Already having a degree in organic chemistry, Adrian has a prospective graduation date of May 2016 as a Doctor of Pharmacy.  Looking towards the future he hopes to expand the health services provided in the local area and also the careful preservation of the rich community history here in Putney and here in the General Store.


A transplant from the far off land of New Hampshire, Jesyka was lured back to New England after several years away. Has been settled in VT for nearly 2 decades. Enjoys being at the General Store, where she is also able to be a soccer, baseball, & basketball mom. Adores regulars and is a big fan of the L. Zindel artwork on our cafe wall. “Please ring bell for barista” ring it like your caffeine habit depends on it!



I recently moved to putney but have lived in the area for 11 years. I love being here because of the beauty of the landscape and the warmth of the people.


Deli Clerk

Carley Wainwright has lived her entire life within Vermonts borders. She is a full time high school student with an appetite to learn! In her free time she likes to play clarinet and when the weather is permitting longboards! (not such a big fan of winter).



I am the mother of Scarlet and Violet. I am a musician and a chef. I play banjo, guitar, ukulele, and I sing. I love to cook, it makes me really happy to make food.

bethBeth McCabe

Produce/Grocery Manager

Beth has lived in Guilford for 28 years. Her background is in vegetable farming and greenhouse ornamentals. She loves the beach, growing and cooking delicious food for her family, teaching her grandson to get dirty in the garden, and being outside in (almost) all weather.

andy-tAndy Tupper

Sandwich Maker / Assistant Baker

I am the father of 4 and a resident of Putney for 15 years. I enjoy the small town community feeling here in Putney. I look forward to seeing you at the General Store and out on the town.

susanSusan McDormand

Assistant Baker

Sue McDormand usually makes our cookies, cupcakes, shortbreads. Her Mom was a great baker, and Sue and her sister Linda carry on the tradition. Sue’s daughter Allison always draws the family together for her great meals.

Sue is also a painter and gardener. These bring her plain ole’ fun. Peace, too.

She also takes care of our deli food. She may ring your purchases at the cash register, or meet you at the espresso bar.

Aaron Martin

Night Manager

I came here in august of 2013. The community and the store took me in and made me feel welcome and appreciated me. I love this community and want to see it thrive and succeed. I really enjoy working here and getting to know everybody.

Jen Boyd

Deli and Grocery

My name is Jennifer Boyd, most folks around the store know me as Jen. I have been working here since the store reopened 3 years ago. Over the past 3 years I have seen the store grow into a wonderful community gathering place. When I am not at work I am usually spending time with my horses, all 5 of them. I enjoy everything from trail riding to pleasure showing to my favorite, Barrel Racing.

Max Oriabse

Kitchen Staff

I have been living in the area since I was a wee lad. I really like the area, it is billboard free and beautiful. The people are really nice and working at one of the cornerstones of the town is really cool.

Mijkl Blue

Barista Manager

I have been in the area for about 2 and a half years. I moved from Woodsboro to Putney to be closer to the store. I like painting and sculpting and I really like serving the community by making them happy with the drinks I make.

Jeff Desjardeens

Kitchen Staff

I have lived in Putney for one and a half years with my wife and 3 daughters and 2 cats. I like to play piano and I have been part of the kitchen staff since 2013.
Joanna Fadden

Pharmacy Technician

Joanna  is a barrista and pharmacy technician at the store. She came to Putney three years ago to attend Landmark College. She fell in love with Putney and has been here ever since.